Vote Tampering

I have been following stories like this for years, often in the technical press.  There is little doubt in my mind that electronic voting machines in many places in the US are being tampered with.  And let’s be blunt: one side seems to be doing all the tampering.  I myself have been illegally “scrubbed” from voter rolls.

Probe of missing Georgia votes finds “extreme” irregularities in black districts

Last year’s lieutenant governor race may have had a huge undercount in black precincts. Sound like coincidence?

Dead Armadillo

Was in the yard and smelled an unpleasant sulphur odor.  Figured something might have died in the yard next door and thought I might check on it later.  A few times over the years deer have impaled themselves on an iron fence in the back with some ill advised decorative spikes.

I was pulling the cover off the pool when I realized where the smell was coming from. A large, maybe 25 lbs, armadillo popped up from under the cover, dead.

So much for taking it easy this Saturday.  It was almost 100F and we hadn’t had rain in two months. The ground was like rock.  I ignored the floating corpse for now and got a shovel and my six foot long iron pry bar to help break up the ground.  It was going to take a while.

I found a spot far in the back and started to dig.  And to sweat.  I eventually got down about a foot and decided that was enough.  Then I tried to think of the best way to get Mr Armadillo from the pool to his fresh grave.  I decided to go with scooping him on the shovel, hoping he wouldn’t fall off and that I could make the haul all the way to the back of the yard.  My arms were already aching.

Flies had set in so I got some bug spray and gave him a shot.  Mmmm, floral scented.  That would help.  I took a deep scoop and lifted and started walking briskly to the back.  I wished I had gripped the shovel lower to make it easier to carry, but it was too late.  I shuffled as fast as I could to the hole.  When I got there I wished the hole was bigger, but I slid Mr A in, and only his pointy tail was a problem.  I shoved dirt in quickly and covered him in a mound, boot hill style.  A couple of watering cans of water to help settle the dirt in and a big flat Rock on top and I was done.  Sorry, no pictures.