Criterion Collection

A long time ago I signed up for Hulu.  My kids watch some of the programs, but  I was mostly interested in the Criterion Collection movies.  Well I went to watch a movie recently and saw all the movies I had wanted to watch on Hulu were gone.  In fact, they had moved to another site (FilmStruck) which had since gone under.  Now you can go to the Criterion Channel for $11 a month which has most of the movies I originally wanted to watch. Ok, not such a bad deal.

A quick search turned up Kanopy, a site that lets you stream Criterion movies for free.  The only catch is you need a library card.  But I haven’t had a library card since I was a kid.

Now part of the motivation for this was to watch movies during the big Corona virus shutdown.  So I wasn’t keen on going to the library.  Turns out you can apply for an eCard at the Austin Public Library  if you are a Homebound Adult.  That is me!

We will see if this is enough to get me into Kanopy.