The Day After Superman Died

One of my favorite stories, from Ken Kesey’s Demon Box collection from 1986.  Turns out it is available on-line from Esquire Magazine where it was originally published in 1979, before I had heard of Jack Kerouac or Ken Kesey and certainly before I knew who Neal Cassady was.  I suppose I was thinking about it because the ending reminds me a lot of the ending of the new Bob Dylan song, Murder Most Foul.

Kirkus Reviews did a review of Demon Box that sums it all up.

An elegiac semi-fiction composed of short takes and longer reprints from Rolling Stone, Esquire and Kesey’s own magazine, Spit in the Ocean, now orchestrated into a large work whose parts sing against each other and whose overriding theme is a magnificent dirge for the 60’s. Demon Box is also a superb rounding out and bookend to all the works springing from Jack Kerouac’s On the Road (1957). What Kerouac began Kesey has finished—and finished with great style and feeling.

From Esquire: