This Isn’t War

Briefly, the battle against COVID-19 was cast as a “war”.  I thought this was appropriate.  Over 100,000 fellow citizens have perished and the economy is in tatters. If COVID-19 were a country, there is no question we would be bombing the hell out of them, spare no expense.  And yet, we quickly backed away from this wartime footing which is usually the way we do things in the USA.  Everything worth doing has to be a war.  War on Poverty.  War on Drugs.  War on Terror.  War on Cancer. Why no War on COVID-19?

War allows the freeing up of resources.  Nobody complains about debt or the inconveniences.  War also means sacrifice.  Is this the problem?  Are our leaders unable to ask Americans to sacrifice, even when their own lives and the lives of their loved ones are at risk?  What am I missing here?

Fish Food Fail

We have a small pond out back. Used to have a nice koi until a raccoon got him.  Replaced Mr Koi with a few goldfish and some minnows.  By now we are down to one goldfish and a couple of minnows.  I feed them most every day, and noticed I was running low on food.  Usually I would go to the local pet store, since a small container lasts maybe a year, but with COVID-19 I decided to order it on-line.  Amazon had a minimum order of two. Ok, this is light stuff.  I ordered two.  Turns out I should have looked closer.  While the containers look identical, the ones I ordered are 3x – 4x the size of the one I have.  Now I have maybe a decades worth of goldfish food. Could be worse.  I know someone who thought they were ordering ten bananas on-line and was surprised to find ten *bunches* delivered.