Fish Food Fail

We have a small pond out back. Used to have a nice koi until a raccoon got him.  Replaced Mr Koi with a few goldfish and some minnows.  By now we are down to one goldfish and a couple of minnows.  I feed them most every day, and noticed I was running low on food.  Usually I would go to the local pet store, since a small container lasts maybe a year, but with COVID-19 I decided to order it on-line.  Amazon had a minimum order of two. Ok, this is light stuff.  I ordered two.  Turns out I should have looked closer.  While the containers look identical, the ones I ordered are 3x – 4x the size of the one I have.  Now I have maybe a decades worth of goldfish food. Could be worse.  I know someone who thought they were ordering ten bananas on-line and was surprised to find ten *bunches* delivered.

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