Whoops, Sorry About That!

A columnist for Bloomberg, Joe Nocera, apologies for weeks of promoting the policies of Florida governor DeSantis on COVID-19.  I suppose it is good that Mr Nocera realized the error he made.  Perhaps even better that he owned up for it publicly.  I am not satisfied, though.  People are dead and more are dying. This person used his professional position to promote one side of an argument that was not only wrong, but terribly wrong.  It ignored people with expertise in this area in favor of people with personal and political agendas.  I don’t plan on reading any more of Mr Noceras writings.  From Bloomberg.

I Was Wrong About Florida’s Response to Covid-19

I gave Governor Ron DeSantis more credit than he deserved for the low death rate in his state.

By Joe Nocera
July 23, 2020, 5:00 AM CDT