Cutting the Cable TV Cord

I have had a long running battle with Time Warner / Spectrum.  Our internet service has been very erratic over the years but alas, we only have one provider in this neighborhood.  Yesterday we decided to sign up for Sling Blue and dump TV channels.  Of course I can add capabilities on line very easily.  Removing them (and lowering my bill) required almost an hour on the phone.  45 minutes of wait and then a quarter of an hour talking to (or rather being interogated by) a sales rep.  I have to add this wasn’t the usual phone support person, but a pretty polished salesman.  I felt like I was buying a car.  In the end he offered me a special secret deal that wasn’t even on their web site.  $15 a month for 60 streaming channels.  He couldn’t even tell me what the channels were but said if I googled there were some 3rd parties discussing it.  I almost bit, since it was half of what I was paying for Sling.  But after my years of hassles with Time Warner / Spectrum, and an hour on the phone I declined.

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