Spectrum Outage Outrage

We has only one choice for internet: Spectrum, formerly Time Warner. It has been very erratic, irregular service literally for years.  My neighors have the same problems and we even believe we know the exact piece of equipment failing.  Still no fixes.  I found this Spectrum Outage Map on line.  How is this allowed to happen?  Vast numbers of people without internet in just about every major city in the US. And other providers don’t do this.  And yet they were just allowed to merge with Charter.  What is our FCC doing?  People pay a lot for this service.


4 thoughts on “Spectrum Outage Outrage

  1. Where is the failing equipment? A can of white spray paint emptied on the outdoor box might help if it is a solar gain issue.


  2. The only other thing I can think of to give you another choice of service providers is to have a conventional POTS telephone installed. My understanding is the local carrier has to do this if requested. Allegedly once you have a regular telephone line, you pop up as being eligible for DSL from the same POTS supplier. YMMV.


  3. Funny I still have the old ATT hardware bolted to the wall next to my cable in the garage. Used to have ISDN here (remember that?). We can get ATT but it is copper and we get like 500k bits. Compare that to 200 mbits on cable (when it works).


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