Shaft Couplers

Got my little 500W motor for my riding mower conversion to electric. The good news is it fits in the space under the seat near the differential. My hope was that I would easily and directly be able to hook my motor shaft to the shaft of the differential of the mower. It might not be that simple. There is a whole catalog of shaft couplers out there but the particulars of both the motor shaft and the mower shaft might make this a non-starter. I’m not skilled or set up to do metal work so I’m searching around for the simplest way to do this. I could go with a belt drive which keeps the belt pulley for the differential in place, but I’ll need a belt pulley for the motor and probably another on a spring for tension. Or I could use the chain sprocket on the motor but I would have to fit a chain sprocket on the differential shaft. There might be an way to use the existing belt pulley as a plate and bolt it to another plate fixed to the motor. Need to think about it.

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