Threads and Nuts

I bought a quarter inch aluminum plate and mounted it to the blade unit using some muffler clamps (they were exactly the right size). This should let me mount the blade unit at an angle. I was able to re-use these hook shaped bolts. The distance from maximum to minimum height looks good with maybe 3″ – 4″ maximum height, which is about what the old mower had. All I needed was some nuts to fasten the bolts to the plate. Had some that were the right size, but the threads were wrong. They weren’t metric so not sure what the issue was. I see there are different thread sizes and this was obviously more threads per inch than my standard bolts. I ordered some on Amazon, but somehow ordered 5/8″, which is way too big. I would say I meant 5/16″ but it really seems to be 1/4″ (4/16″). Will have to wait for another Amazon cycle. Will probably order some conduit to secure and protect the wires and then that should be it for version 1.0