PC Upgrade

My wife has been using the same PC since the 1980s. Well, I’m have upgraded the OS several times, from MS-DOS to Windows 95 / 7 / 10. And I have moved to bigger disks a few times over the years. And changed the hardware. But there are still files on the drive with dates back in 1980s.

I recently realized the OS is somehow 32-bit, even though the processor is a relatively modern i3. And I can’t get the drivers to update to the point that the on-board WiFi and Bluetooth doesn’t work. Recently Chrome stopped working and even a reinstall wouldn’t fix it. And then there are various crashes. My plan is to start clean and install Windows 10 Pro 64-bit onto a new 1 TB SSD drive and move all my wife’s files over. I suppose you need to do this every few decades. Say a prayer for me.