Houston seethes over being frozen out of federal flood funds

It is getting tiring looking at all the ways the current Texas government is, what is the word, screwing the more urban (i.e. democratic) parts of the state. Of the $1 billion in Federal funds for hurricane relief for Hurricane Harvey, Houston gets — zero. Really, the place hit hardest by the hurricane gets nothing. So where does all of this money to, and why? Hard to say right now. Officials saying is all on the up and up, that they are using official HUD guidelines. I’m very skeptical.

Houston seethes over being frozen out of federal flood funds

Red and Blue State COVID-19

Gregory Travis has done some interesting graphs comparing COVID-19 deaths and infections by county, splitting for Republican leaning and Democratic leaning counties. Not a perfect split, since many counties are close to 50%-50%, but even so, there are definite patterns.

I am very concerned about the unvaccinated in the approaching fall and winter. It could be much worse than the first wave, which occurred when COVID-19 wasn’t yet widespread and there were serious attempts to disrupt the spread. What will the reaction be when large numbers of willfully unvaccinated, who tend to oppose things like lockdowns anyway, start getting sick in large numbers?

From Twitter: