Half Noodle Ramen

Decided to get a little healthier with my ramen. I use the basic Maruchan which is almost 400 calories per package. I used to split it with my daughter but lately I eat the whole thing myself. Today I broke the noodles in half and put half away in a Ziploc bag for next time. I’m don’t really miss all those noodles and don’t need the extra carbohydrates. More room for veggies, especially sauerkraut. Today I used my usual recipe with some leftover salmon.

Don’t Worry About Inflation

A good one from Vox, if this subject interests you. Some links in here I really want to read. The inflation of the 1970s seems to loom large to modern economists. I always thought it was tied to the oil price spike and spending on the Vietnam War. Some of it could be other post-WW II demographic trends. Nobody seems to mention what appears to be massive incompetence of the Nixon administration, on nearly all fronts. Is there anything Nixon touched that didn’t turn into a massive crisis?

Don’t worry about inflation