Sweeping Gains

Tomorrow is the big midterm election. I try to follow it, but not too closely. I’m going to go against the grain a bit here and first say I don’t see actual data for big gains by the Republican party. I even consider Texas a close call. Abbott is the incumbent and seems to be having trouble breaking 50%, even though he is ahead. Lots of undecideds out there. Same in lots of other places. And then there is the problem of “low quality” polls. Of course, I’m not too optimistic. But I’m still thinking of the 14 point (or was it 18 point?) surprise swing to the Dems in deep Red Kansas. That was quite a surprise, and only in August, though it seems like a long time ago. I cant recall anything even close to this as a polling failure. I don’t think this energy had dissipated. We will find out more tomorrow.

Biden fights to stop midterms defeat as Republicans poised for sweeping gains

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