Innovation, Trial and Error

Good read for anyone interested in why some projects do better than others. I think I can give this a slightly different spin. Innovation is all about trial and error, emphasis on error. Your ongoing development needs to tolerate errors to make substantial moves forward. Nukes don’t let you fiddle around with techniques they way other technologies do. So innovation (i.e cost savings) seldom happen. On the flip side, small scale tech like solar allows for all sorts of tweeks at all levels. This leads to large, compounded improvements. Back to the energy grid portion: a nice quote below.

Well, the data on that is in. Wind and solar have plummeted in costs and grids with higher penetration of renewables are actually more reliable than coal, gas or nuclear heavy grids using industry standard metrics for outages per customer per year.

The Nuclear Fallacy: Why Small Modular Reactors Can’t Compete With Renewable Energy

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