Austin Ice Storm February 2023

The bad weather arrived with little concern from the TV weathermen. Perhaps some sleet and maybe freezing rain. We get ice storms every few years here. Schools close, idiots play bumper cars on the roads and then things get back to normal quickly. We thought we had gotten through the worst of it, with maybe 20% of the city without power, when we lost power. That was maybe 3am Tuesday. By 10am the power was back on, but even more of the city had been cut off. We felt lucky and enjoyed a nice evening running the heat and watching Netflix. That night, Wednesday morning, again around 3am, as a short burst of rain came through, the power went off. Spent a cold night in the house Thursday (last night) with reports saying everything would be back on by Friday. This seemed very optimistic.

We had more tree damage than I had ever seen, and more ice than I ever recall. The downed trees looked like the aftermath of a bad hurricane. There seems to still be a much as a quarter of the town without power. We are at our daughters apartment having a shower and some heat. Our neighbors called and now they are coming by for a shower.

The good news: the cold weather was brief and things thawed quickly. It could be in the 60s soon. So no broken pipes and other damage. With some large part of town with power, we were able to get take out and had lunch at a restaurant. And friends and neighbors are helping each other out. Some neighbors who lost power early and went three days without electricity are now back on. So progress is being made, but more slowly than anyone would like.