Working from Home and Productivity

I spent most of my career working from home. I used to joke it was my secret weapon. Not only did I not have to take time for a commute, but I was in better control of my environment. I had no real interruptions. This was important when I was developing software. I also came to realize that the social aspect of the office was important. I made it a point to send lots of emails and make lots of phone calls, most of them 1-1.

Perhaps the oddest part is I came to realize that the best use of my time when I was in the office was “socializing”. I eventually would spend 100% of my time meeting with people, formally in meetings, and informally at lunch, dinner and in hallways. So I’m not surprised that the return to the office results in frustrations, and lower productivity. From Fortune magazine.

The return to the office could be the real reason for the slump in productivity. Here’s the data to prove it