Some COVID-19 Math

I heard a commentator say today that there are one million people in the US who have recovered from COVID-19.  At first this sounds good until you realize there are 330 million people in the US, so this is about a third of one percent.  This is almost certainly an undercount with the real number unguessable, given the lack of testing.  But let’s say that is true.  There have been 60,000 deaths, which is also almost certainly an undercount.  Multiply that by 330 and you get almost 20 million dead after everyone else in the US recovers from COVID-19.

Not reliable numbers, but then only ones we have.  Oh, and let’s say this took three months.  To run its course it would take 900 months or …. 75 years.  Somebody check my math.  I wonder how Sweden looks.


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