Noodle Chair Redux

A few years ago we had some pool furniture that had some mesh covering that gave out.  I liked the aluminum frames and saved them hoping to do something with them.  I came up with a plan and used some PVC pipe, zip ties and pool noodles to make some really comfortable chairs.

Unfortunately, the UV from the Texas sun destroyed the pool noodles in just a few months.  We bought some cushions and threw them over the PVC pipe which worked out ok, and still works for two of the three chairs.

One of the three had a cushion that also gave out.  Thought I might give the noodle chair another go.  All I would have to do is cut the noodles and put them back on the pipes.  Took about an hour, but it was 106F today.  Went with black and white.  Probably going to get some sort of UV cover the make this one last.

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