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I started this blog as a sort of protest alternative to Facebook.  It is just a place for my content and really made for a few close friends and family.  Originally it was meant to be photos from travels and maybe links to a few unusual stories.  Maybe document some of my tech projects like the Raspberry Pi desktop experiment.

It seems the world had other plans.  Not much travelling and really the only story of interest is the unfolding pandemic and the US response.   I suppose one day I can look back on this page and recall these extraordinary times.

I guess that still leaves projects.  I seem to be starting more than I finish.  Right now I’m trying to clear out the back third of an acre that I had loaded up with a few brush piles over the years.  My Landroid robotic mower broke down and I have an ongoing battle to get the parts to fix it.  Seems parts are no longer available, so I’m going to have to improvise.  Started cutting back some trees that I had ignored for too long, to the detriment of my lower back.  Still thinking about converting my old riding mower to electric.  Also considering making my own Raspberry Pi sprinkler controller.  I guess I have plenty of time around the house but it is a bit hot right now for yard work.  On top of fun techie projects there is the usual repairs (broken sprinkler head today, leaky pool pump seal one day soon).  Cooking a lot.  Maybe I need to pick one project and finish it off.  But then I think, what’s the hurry?

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