COVID-19 Stimulus

I try to keep up with the news and understand what is going on in the world. I understand these are unusual times and there are many things happening, especially here in the US. Much of this ends up being “political”, which means it is based on theory and power and desired outcomes, not actual facts. Not that any of these issues are inherently political, that is, directly having to do with political power and governance. Things with no business being discussed in a political context have been “politicized”, as they say. This is seldom good for the country, though it is often good for a group of even a few individuals.

As I watch the US Senate debate saving businesses and actual lives, I had a hard time accepting what I am seeing. This article confirms my worst suspicions. Many, many people in the US are being made to suffer so that a few politicians can keep their power and their jobs. Sadly, there isn’t any other way to look at it.

Why Mitch McConnell is trying to kill a big stimulus before the election