Salmon Poke Ramen

Made some poke salad last night with sushi grade salmon, marinated in sesame oil and soy with some fresh avocado. Used the leftovers for a simp!e salmon Poke Ramen. Stuck with my usual soy, garlic and ginger broth with some carrot, an egg and homemade sauerkraut. Almost skipped the sauerkraut but glad I didn’t. The salty, crunchy taste went well with the poke. Figured I needed to up my ramen game if I was going to get this Nissin CNO position.

Surprise Medical Billing

A look into how government, private equity, hospitals and other medical organizations have interacted on the issue of Surprise Medical Billing. Everyone should be aware of what is going on here, mostly because it is corrupt and abusive, but because personally it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars next time you need medical treatment.

Here’s How Private Equity Firms Targeted Republican Sen. John Cornyn With Dark Money To Preserve Surprise Medical Billing

Private equity waged a yearlong dark money campaign so they could continue to profit off of emergency room patients getting hit with exorbitant medical bills. It worked.