Yet Another Mower

Now that I have some free time I’m noticing all the things I’ve left in a state of benign neglect over the years, like my house, yard, photos, files, etc. The yard is an acre with lots of trees, mostly live oaks. They push out leaves in spring, leaving the yard mostly covered. Over the years I’ve let them go, letting the mower much whatever it could telling myself it was good for the grass. Of course, being honest I have very little grass these days and lots of leaves. I thought about raking them and using them as mulch in the big beds in the front, but that seems like lots of work. Tried the leaf blower but it just seemed to wedge the leaves down into what little grass was left. I have my little Worx Landroid robotic mower in the back, and soon in the front, so a bagging mower wasn’t really available. Same for my electrified riding mower (still in development). I figured I would try a small battery electric push mower and use it more or less as an electric rake. Bought a Worx since I’ve had good luck with the Landroid. I was told the 20V batteries would work with my Black and Decker tools but they appear to have a gratuitously different interface. But so far so good with the leaves. Gonna take a while but it is only once or twice a year. Maybe I’ll have real grass again.