Mexico Excess Deaths

Covid-19 deaths are almost certainly underreported. One thing to look at is “excess deaths”. The number of people dying around the world and from any and all causes is fairly easy to predict. Anything outside of these predictions in 2020 is probably Covid-19. Mexico is looking at twice the reported rate, near 400k. I expect many other countries will see similar actual rates when people look at the real data.

Mexico’s Excess Deaths Far Exceed Official Coronavirus Toll

Gas Flaring in Texas

Fracking in Texas results in vast amounts of otherwise useful natural gas being simply burned. There is so much gas burned it can be seen from space, looking like illuminated cities. A good article, but there are still questions. Why couldn’t these wells just temporarily stop production gas? I have to assume it is because they would have to stop prodducing oil, which is the part that makes money. I suppose given the cost curves in renewables this will all be over soon, but what a damaging waste. From the New York Times.