Electric Riding Mower Drivetrain 2.0: Direct Drive

I finally got around to experimenting with replacing the slow and unreliable chain drive with direct drive. The metal plate supporting the motor came from the front someplace and fits perfectly. I was worried about aligning everything. With six or so degrees of freedom and me with a hand drill, it seemed beyond my abilities. I learmed a trick: drill big holes and use bolts and adjust and tighten up as you go along. The old fenders even fit. Heck, if I went with an expensive lithium battery there would probably be room for it in the back, too. It seems a bit noisy but I’m guessing the 20 year old transmission could use some grease. Unfortunately there isn’t a simple way to do this. I will have to take the whole transmission housing apart. Maybe at some point.

Funny, all the effort with chains and sprockets seems like a waste, but I guess that is prototyping. You try stuff out and try to hop from A to B. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Will give it a ride tomorrow of the next day. It’s going to be fast and lots of torque. Will probably hook up the deadmans switch first. Maybe wear a helmet.