Cheeseburger Ramen

Been doing lots of cooking during the Corona Lockdown.  Really not reading much except news. Sending (and receiving) lots of emails from friends.  The big excitement yesterday was some bees coming after my wife and daughter when they were going for a walk.  Then they got me when I was mowing the front yard.  Just one sting one the side of the head.  My daughter had maybe three on her head.  Found out the guy who mows next door got his face stung multiple times and neighbors on either side were chased.  One neighbor tried to spray them last night but seems to have made them angrier.  Owner of the property said he would get them removed.

All this led to a recollection of a cheesy 1970s movie about killer bees invading New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  Found it on YouTube.  It was called The Savage Bees.  Watched it last night.  Not nearly as bad as I remembered.

Oh, the ramen.  Had a leftover burger in the fridge.  Had heard that American Singles cheese is good in ramen.  Decided to make a cheeseburger ramen.  My usual ramen recipe, but any would do.  Slice of cheese on top, with burger on top of that. Better than I expected.

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