The Fed and COVID-19

So I didn’t want to turn this into a COVID-19 blog, but there is really only one discussion right now in the world.  I keep looking for a plan, but I’m not really seeing one.  I did see Neel Kashkari from the Federal Reserve seems to be talking about these things, but I suppose they aren’t a political organization.

I have to add I remember Kashkari from the 2008 financial crisis. He was Hank Paulson’s little Goldman Sachs buddy.  I give them the same respect I would have for someone who sets your house on fire, but also tries to help you put it out.  But maybe I’ve been too harsh on Mr Kashkari.  He seems to have given up his fast track job at Goldman for public service.  I also see his sister is a doctor specializing in infectious diseases.  Might want to listen to this guy.  From Business Insider.

‘Hard for me to see a V-shaped recovery’: The Fed’s Kashkari says the US could face 18 months of rolling shutdowns as it tries to shake coronavirus