COVID-19 in Texas

A good one from the New York Times by Mimi Swartz.  At the end she mentions our local grocery chain, HEB.  I can’t think of a business I’m have ever run across that seems to be so well run.  I know people who have worked for them, and with them as vendors and have heard nothing but praise. They seem to be way ahead of everyone on pandemic preparedness. Too bad more companies (and governments) can’t operate this way.

Texas Republicans Have Spectacularly Failed the Coronavirus Test


Crunching the Numbers

I’m hearing some calls and even organized protests to “re-open” the US economy.  A short article with some simple math about the situation in the UK.  It’s pretty much the same as for the US.  Multiply by about 5 to get comparable US numbers.  Cut to the chase for people who don’t want to read: about 3m dead.  This is from a professor of infectious diseases at Harvard.

No matter how you crunch the numbers, this pandemic is only just getting started


Curry Chicken Ramen

The wife made some curry chicken thighs the other night.  I removed the bones and sliced them up, perfect for a little ramen.  Was in a bit of a hurry again and forgot to add an egg.  Basically soy, garlic and ginger and some green tea soba noodles.  This one seemed light and healthy.  Added a big handful of arugula at the end and topped with some green onion. Been eating too much during this lockdown, so something light was a nice change.