Mask Making

Suppose to pick up some sandwiches for lunch.  Told I needed a mask to go out.  Heard you could make one out of a sock.  I have a sock!  Scissors didn’t work so well so I went with my handy Shin knife.  Excellent.

Looks like some sort of alien jock strap.  Doesn’t fit so well.  Might have to try a version 2.0.  Except I don’t have any more unpaired socks.  Need to think about this one.

Killing Time

Had a cheap spatula that I used for years that finally broke. Had a (surprisingly) hard  time finding a good replacement.  Found this one at a professional restaurant supply house.  Almost perfect, except form the curved edge. Hey!  I can fix that!

Wife got a blood oxygen monitor.  Held my breath to see if I could get it into the 80s.  Couldn’t get below 93, but I didn’t try too hard.  Would be embarrassed to pass out and hit my head or something.  Maybe work on getting the heart rate lower.  Made it to the low 70s.