Long Voting Lines

I am going to try to vote today. Here in Texas there is record turnout, combined with various rules to slow the process and stop people from voting (ID requirements, closed drop off stations, removal of straight ticket voting to name a few). The BBC had a story about long voting lines (queues) in the US. I had assumed this happens everywhere. Seems not.

Another Canadian wrote: “I’ve waited longer for a bus than I have ever waited to vote.”

A British man wrote: “Dear USA, I’m 58 and not once in my life have I had to queue to vote. Sort it out!”

One man in India pointed out that his country handles more election ballots than any other democracy in the world.

In a country with a higher level of illiteracy than the US, no such long queues have been seen in previous elections.

US election 2020: World reaction to long queues of voters in US

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