Even as the US blows past 3,000 COVID-19 deaths today, it is important that people realize: it didnt have to be this way. There are places all over the world where competent leadership and reasonable populations have kept COVID-19 at bay and are living otherwise normal lives. As an added benefit, their economies are also relatively normal and people aren’t getting sick and dying.

“There Was A Pandemic?” What Life Is Like In Countries Without COVID

The Point of No Return

I have the mower drivetrain (sorta) working. The chain slips off occasionally but if I am gentle with the throttle it seems ok. Because I had originally planned to go with a direct drive, the chain gears it down yet another notch. So max speed might end up 2 – 3 MPH. Probably ok for mowing.

Up until now I could easily re-assemble the pieces and go back to a traditional gas engine power. There comes a point when you have to make a more serious commitment to a project like this and going back is not an option. I think I am at that point. I pulled the blades and pulleys and disconnected most of the wiring. Next is draining and removing the gas tank and lastly, getting the engine out.

Then I’ll mount the electronics and start thinking about a for a test drive and details for the mower blades. Right now I’m planning on multiple (4 or 5) small motors driving small circular metal bladed made for string trimmers.