Mower Engine Removal

Four bolts and the engine was out. Not as heavy as I expected. Bought a second 12V battery and ran the motor at 24V. Chain keeps coming off but it is definitely happening on the master link where I shortened the chain. I didn’t use a proper chain cutter tool, just a hammer and punch, so I might have bent something a bit. Put some oil on it and it seems better.

Looked at the new foot pedal. Not sure I like it. I may just buy another controller like the one I have. I suppose having the throttle on a knob is ok since I have brakes that seem to be working well, and a brake switch that cuts off the motor ought to make this ok. Actually, the original throttle was on the dash.

Sweden’s Covid-19 Failure

By just about any measure the Swedish “no lockdown” policy for handling COVID-19 is a failure. Not as bad as the US, though. From The Dispatch.

“While Sweden’s death numbers compare favorably to the U.S., they stand in stark negative contrast to our Scandinavian neighbors who introduced lockdown measures: Per capita, we have nearly five times as many deaths as Denmark, nine times as many as Finland, and more than ten times as many as Norway.

COVID-19 and the Failure of Swedish Exceptionalism