Tesla Service

We’ve had a Tesla Model 3 for about two years now. About a week ago I noticed the music sounded a bit off. First, I have to add that I’m not a big car guy and not a big car stereo guy, but this car has a noticabley nice sound system. Messed around with the controls and realized the back speakers were out. Damn.

Went on-line to the Tesla forums and found lots of people with similar problems. Seemed like a software update related to using a bluetooth phone. But I don’t use a bluetooth phone in the car. Ok, wait, I went to pick up some take out and the call went over bluetooth about the time I noticed the problem.

Tried some of the magical fixes from the forum and nothing worked. Got into the Tesla app and scheduled a maintainence appointment. Probably have to go drop it off someplace. Groan.

They texted back and asked for a short video of the problem. Ok. No problem. Afterwards they texted and asked if the front speakers were working. I went out and checked. Nope. The ones in the very front by the windshield were working, but not the ones in the door.

They were going to come out and try to fix it. After lunch I moved the car out of the garage and parked it in the driveway. Got a text that someone was on the way. After a few minutes I noticed they had left. Went out and checked and all was working! And the best part, no charge!

Not used to saying nice things about car companies, and even less so about car repair departments.

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