Direct Drive

Haven’t spent much time with the mower project lately. Being below freezing for the last week put a crimp in lots of plans. Fortunately we had power for the duration, but many in Texas did not.

Today I decided to start work on direct drive, even though I’m in the middle of the blade implementation. The reason is the chain drive is slower and less reliable than I expected. I also found this adapter, a 10mm DD bore hub to be exact, that fits on my motor that ought to allow me to couple the motor directly to the old drive belt pulley. I don’t really know what I’m doing here and don’t even know what the issues are with connecting a motor shaft directly to drive shaft. I’m worried about alignment and vibration, and all I have is my usual power drill and various hand tools to do the job. Had to do a little filing to make the adapter fit. Getting everything bolted together in that tight space and finding a way to mount the motor is going to be a challenge. But hey, this is all a learning experience.

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