One Year of COVID-19

I still remember tracking the news from China and then Italy about the emerging virus. I was hoping the US would be able to isolate and control it, but I didn’t see any movement in that direction. By late February 2020 we started to stock up on food. My last meal at a restaurant was February 28. I realized things would get bad when I went to visit a colleague at a tech company up the road and saw this notice on the door. This was a little over one year ago.

One thought on “One Year of COVID-19

  1. The photo is a sad yet vital historical reference. As an amateur genealogy fan, I’d say it could help to chronicle the pandemic’s dark onset. Passing along the .jpg – with a short, yet personal explanatory paragraph – to future generations would be a very unique artifact for your family. (I myself have begun to cull a few virtual and physical pieces of similar evidence.) Even two generations from now might be deeply fascinated by such a personal connection to this unimaginable, global upheaval.


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