Mower Final Assembly

I started out planning on putting the main power wires for the blades and drive motor into a conduit and securing them. I will eventually have to do this. I wasn’t going to do the final assembly because I was waiting on some lock washers from Amazon. Turns out I found a few washers and was able to move forward.

I finished the blades PVC work and added a bit of black paint. Then I got to securing the aluminum plate that will interface the blade unit to the lift mechanism. All went well, and the sun was out and the weather was cool, so I pressed on.

Put the mower on its side to attach the lift mechanism. Even without the old 14 HP gas engine and old blades and deck it was still heavier than I expected. After some wrestling I had the lift mechanism in place and connected. At this point it was an easy maneuver to attach the blade unit, so I did. It worked surprisingly well.

Was tempted to strap on the single 12V battery, wire up the blades and give it a run, but it was getting late. Enough success for one day. Truth be told, with all the rain, I need to mow. Will be a good test. Maybe tomorrow. Not a real test. Need to wait for Lowe’s to deliver the second 12V battery.

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