Scoping My Mower


A couple of years ago I set up a Worx Landroid mower in the back.  I wanted to be able to send him into the front yard, but it gets complicated.  There is a “boundary wire” that has to  make a complete loop enclosing the mowing area.   With my fence and trees I couldn’t figure how to make it work.

This weekend I was wondering what sort of signal went into the boundary wire.  If only I had an oscilloscope I could check it out and maybe make my own little mowing areas.  But scopes are big and expensive.  Or at least they used to be.  Found this little guy, called Quimat on Amazon for $40.  Got it in the mail today, and as soon as I got home from work, I put on some shorts and set out to check out the signal.

Turns out it is a pretty crumby 60 Hz 15 Vpp signal.  I could probably make one of these with an op amp and a few parts.  Maybe battery / solar power it.  I would have to carry or somehow direect Mr Mow to the front, but that part of the yard doesn’t need cutting as often.  And I would like to control when Mr Mow is out the front yard.  Not that I don’t trust my neighbors, but I could see Mr Mow becoming target practice for some of our redder necked residents.

In all the excitement I seem to have put on a mismatched pair of shoes.