Top 10 Albums


So my old friend Paul “Harry” Neuhardt tagged me for this 10 Favorite Albums thing on Facebook.  Since I am not sending my content to Facebook these days I decided to do it here.

I have lots of albums and artists that I really like.  Picking 10 is going to be hard in a funny way.  Five or so will be easy, then there are maybe 20 or so albums that I like quite a lot.  Whittling those down will be tougher.

My criteria is going to be:  albums that I never get tired of listening to.  There are some very good albums I still like to take out every now and then (I am listening to a bit of Bruce Springsteeen after about a 30 year hiatus) but stuff that is practically an addiction.

I will start with Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde“.  One of the first albums I ever bought.  I remember reading an article that had several local DJs listing their favorite albums.  Most of them I had heard of, but one I had never even heard of, but was listed a few times by the DJs was “Blonde on Blonde”.   So, mostly out of curiosity, I went out and bought it.  This is when buying an album was a serious commitment.  Maybe ten bucks for something that wasn’t on the radio and nobody had ever heard of.  At least none of my teenage rock and roll friends Had heard of it.

I used to listen to it after school in high school, over and over again while playing pool in our playroom.  I remember it took me weeks to get through all four sides (it was a double album).  I was stunned.  Never heard anything like it before.  I wouldn’t even mention it to anyone I knew.  My taste in music was already a bit suspect.  I didn’t like Led Zep or Rush or Yes or any of the other bands my friends listened to.  But this one had something I liked that I still can’t really describe.  I was even more surprised to find out many years later, in College, that lots of other people liked this one, too.