How Many Top Albums Is This?

EveryPictureTellsaStoryThe local FM station used to play albums straight through with no commercials when I was a kid.  I think they called it The Album Hour.  It was late at night, and when an interesting sounding one would be announced, I would try to stay up and (hopefully) record it all onto one side of a TDK 90 minute tape on my boombox.

This is how I got a few of my early favorite albums, including Steely Dan’s Aja, which I still like and may yet make my list.  This one is Rod Stewart’s Every Picture Tells a Story.  Even wiki has lots of good things to say about this one.

It had the hit Maggie May, but just a good mix of music.  I still listen to this one end to end probably every year.  Rod did have a long pop career, but the later music makes people forget that in the early days, with the guys from The Faces (who all appear on this album) he did some great stuff.