And Another

countingcrowsaugustandeverythingafterI was just watching Golden State vs Houston in the playoffs and thought I saw Adam Duritz in the second row.  Turns out he is a big Golden State fan.   I was going to post this one tomorrow, but do I really have to do these once a day, every day?

I remember hearing their hit “Mr Jones” and thought it was pretty good (appreciated the Dylan references).   At that time I was finishing up school and would soon be getting married, getting a new job, moving to Europe and having a child.  I never watched David Letterman in those days, but for some reason  I saw him introduce the band.  He was clearly a fan.  At that point I figured I had to give their CD a listen.  August and Everything After reminds me of those days.

When I started this post Houston was getting hammered.  I looked up and it is almost the half and Golden State is down by 10.  But now I am distracted and keep looking for Adam Duritz in the background instead of paying attention to the game.

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