Out of the Blue

harvest_-_neil_youngFreshman year in college a guy down the hall in my dorm, John, tried to turn me on to Neil Young. He was certain that if I liked Bob Dylan, I would like Neil Young.  I didn’t.  A few decades later I ran across Harvest Moon, an album I really didn’t expect to like.

I listened to this one over and over again while I was writing up my dissertation.  I had been working at Motorola but my time there was officially over, but I really needed their workstations, and  mostly their printer.  I would come in late in the evening around midnight, after my fiancee had gone to sleep and would work until dawn, having the whole place to myself.  I played Harvest Moon almost exclusively, over and over.

I would come home at dawn, see the fiancee off to work and go to sleep for a while.  I figured when the writing was done I would be sick of Harvest Moon, but that never happened.  I still find listening to this one, end to end, a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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