Out of the Blue

harvest_-_neil_youngFreshman year in college a guy down the hall in my dorm, John, tried to turn me on to Neil Young. He was certain that if I liked Bob Dylan, I would like Neil Young.  I didn’t.  A few decades later I ran across Harvest Moon, an album I really didn’t expect to like.

I listened to this one over and over again while I was writing up my dissertation.  I had been working at Motorola but my time there was officially over, but I really needed their workstations, and  mostly their printer.  I would come in late in the evening around midnight, after my fiancee had gone to sleep and would work until dawn, having the whole place to myself.  I played Harvest Moon almost exclusively, over and over.

I would come home at dawn, see the fiancee off to work and go to sleep for a while.  I figured when the writing was done I would be sick of Harvest Moon, but that never happened.  I still find listening to this one, end to end, a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

More 80s Music

seventh_dream_of_teenage_heavenWhen I started this I wanted to avoid putting out a list of the top albums of my high school and college years, but here we are.  Goth pioneers Bauhaus turn psychedelic and come out as Love and Rockets.  As the wiki pages says, there is still a thrill in Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven.  I saw these guys in Minneapolis at First Avenue and their live show was as stunning as their studio album, which I didn’t imagine possible.

How Many Top Albums Is This?

EveryPictureTellsaStoryThe local FM station used to play albums straight through with no commercials when I was a kid.  I think they called it The Album Hour.  It was late at night, and when an interesting sounding one would be announced, I would try to stay up and (hopefully) record it all onto one side of a TDK 90 minute tape on my boombox.

This is how I got a few of my early favorite albums, including Steely Dan’s Aja, which I still like and may yet make my list.  This one is Rod Stewart’s Every Picture Tells a Story.  Even wiki has lots of good things to say about this one.

It had the hit Maggie May, but just a good mix of music.  I still listen to this one end to end probably every year.  Rod did have a long pop career, but the later music makes people forget that in the early days, with the guys from The Faces (who all appear on this album) he did some great stuff.

Sports Radio


Wanted to catch the Boston vs Cleveland game, but we don’t  have a cable box upstairs and the game is on TNT (or one of those cable channels).  We do have a new Amazon Echo on the nightstand, but couldn’t find the game on it last night.  Looks like ESPN radio has the game live!  When was the last time you listened to a game (any sort of game) on the radio?

And Another

countingcrowsaugustandeverythingafterI was just watching Golden State vs Houston in the playoffs and thought I saw Adam Duritz in the second row.  Turns out he is a big Golden State fan.   I was going to post this one tomorrow, but do I really have to do these once a day, every day?

I remember hearing their hit “Mr Jones” and thought it was pretty good (appreciated the Dylan references).   At that time I was finishing up school and would soon be getting married, getting a new job, moving to Europe and having a child.  I never watched David Letterman in those days, but for some reason  I saw him introduce the band.  He was clearly a fan.  At that point I figured I had to give their CD a listen.  August and Everything After reminds me of those days.

When I started this post Houston was getting hammered.  I looked up and it is almost the half and Golden State is down by 10.  But now I am distracted and keep looking for Adam Duritz in the background instead of paying attention to the game.