Hamburger Pho

More Lockdown ramen.  I started out doctoring up regular ramen a long time ago, back it was ten cents a pack.  Started with a little Worcestershire sauce, then an egg, maybe some sliced up ham.  Now it is just some noodles (any noodles), raw or leftover veggies and whatever leftover meat is in the fridge.

Today I used one of these instant pho bowls.  Except I made it on the stove.  Didn’t follow the directions, just dumped everything into a bowlful of boiling water for three minutes, with a raw egg cracked in.  When it was done added some homemade sauerkraut, American Singles cheese and leftover turkey burger.  Decided on traditional burger condiments, mayo, mustard and catsup.  Truth be told, I would skip the mustard next time.


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