Ramen Carbonara

My wife sent me a recipe for Ramen Carbonara from the New York Times.  Decided to use it as inspiration.  My family has been making carbonara since the 1970s.  I wish I could say it was an old family recipe, but we saw it on a PBS cooking show called The Ronagnolis Table.  I make it for my family now so I suppose it can be considered an old family recipe now.

This one was easy.  Was going to use ramen, but we had a bowl of leftover angel hair pasta in the fridge. I made some bacon, boiled some water with salt and garlic.  Spooned some bacon grease into the pasta to warm it up a little.  Basically dumped the already cooked pasta into the boiling water with some beaten egg and black pepper. Topped with cheese, bacon and some green onion.  Really more carbonara soup, since no actual ramen was involved.


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