The Flat Earth

Back when I was on social media, the stepson of a friend believed, it seemed, that the Earth was flat.  My friends wife wanted someone to talk to her son and, I suppose, convince him that the Earth was actually round.  My first reaction was that this was just someone having a bit of fun with the people around him.  I was assured this wasn’t the case.  My take was that this was all harmless, that I seldom notice the curvature of the Earth, and unless he was working at NASA, this was probably harmless.   Surely everyone has some quirky beliefs.

I suppose it was still troubling to his mother, and I had no interest in having a discussion about the shape of the Earth with a stranger.  I didn’t see myself convincing this young man of the non-flatness of the Earth, and I was sure he would not be moving me any closer to his, um,  worldview.  It would have been a waste of my time and his.

Today I read a very good posting which ties this bit of quirkiness to all the other reality “deniers” out there. Vaccines, the Holocaust, the moon landing, etc.  It is really surprising how many of these reality denial groups are out there, each as absurd as the next, some more harmful than others.  The premise is that it is a bit of a protest against the modern world, in a less explicit way than Ignatius Reilly.

From the Notes From Disgraceland Blog:

One Day the Day Will come when the Day Won’t Come


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