Chief Noodle Officer

Nissin is putting out a call for a Chief Noodle Officer. This posting is my application. Since the COVID-19 pandemic I have been making a variety of ramen lunches with mostly leftover ingredients: There is more to instant ramen that just dumping that packet into a pot of boiling water! Looking forward to my tenure as Nissin CNO!

One thought on “Chief Noodle Officer

  1. […] Made some poke salad last night with sushi grade salmon, marinated in sesame oil and soy with some friends avocado. Used the leftovers for a simp!e salmon Poke Ramen. Stuck with my usual soy, garlic and ginger broth with some carrot, an egg and homemade sauerkraut. Almost skipped the sauerkraut but glad I didn’t. The salty, crunchy taste went well with the poke. Figured I needed to up my ramen game if I was going to get this Nissin CNO position. […]


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